Feminine, but also masculine, the Siculiana Line allows a strong personalization of its jewels: the different links ringed together can be adapted to the person and moments of use with a succession of soft and enveloping joints.
The necklace, the bracelet and the carabiners are double-sided: on the one hand the finish is smooth, while on the opposite side it is composed of two perforated elements. Each piece is emptied inside so as to allow a comfortable fit.

Soft harmony and refined elegance make the necklace suitable for use in all circumstances, snap closure is a carabiner “camouflaged” between the links, recognizable only by the stamps of the metal and the MOG punch.
This solution allows, if desired, to use more carabiners in a single jewel as in the case of the union of two bracelets to get a necklace.


Lenght cm. 48
No. of meshes 17
Weight gr. 98

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Peso 0.3 kg
Dimensioni 10 × 15 × 5 cm