Available, as the whole Siculiana Collection, in 925 silver in yellow or pink gold bath (18kt) or white rhodium bath, but  also in untreated satin silver.

The bracelet can be feminine, but  with a masculine twist. It is pleasantly delicate if used alone, or more incisive if turned around a couple of times, as if in the combined use of different bracelets in different metals or the necklace.

Like the necklace, the bracelet is also double-sided with a smooth finish on one side and engraved on the other , composed of two perforated elements. Each piece is emptied inside so as to allow a comfortable fit.


Size S
20 cm
No of meshes 7
Weight gr. 42
Size M
22,5 cm
No of meshes 8
Weight gr. 47
Size L
25,5 cm
No of meshes 9
Weight gr. 52
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Weight 0.34 kg