Faraonico – Jenuary 2024


The “Fataonico” ring, with smoky silver Obsidian, is meticulously crafted using the ancient and fascinating lost-wax casting method. Its structure is made of 925 silver, while the two lateral elements stand out for their refined composition in 9k yellow gold. Upon request, it is possible to have a version of the ring with elements in brass or entirely crafted in silver or gold.

The stone, a captivating Obsidian, is precision-cut by hand, giving the model a unique and unmistakable design. A distinctive touch is the option to further personalize the ring by choosing the stone in the color that best reflects your style and taste. This option adds a unique and personal element, making each “Faraonico” ring a testament to individuality.

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Silver and brass
Silver and 9kt yellow gold
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