My tie with the Cardiopathic Children in the World Association (Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo – ndt) is profound and sincere, since I personally met the Association members several years ago and I could see with my own eyes the loyalty and efficiency of all the wonderful people who are part of it.


In 2010 I was invited in Milan to exhibit in the “CorsoMagenta10 for art” space to support the Association.

For this exhibition I made a unique series of works, from small fusions in aluminum to marble embroidered cards, where the symbolic bond between the heart, indefatigable companion of our emotions, and the vagina, the fulcrum of the genesis of humanity, have become a whole. Drawing life near life.

With this new project I decided to keep on supporting the Association by giving people the chance to purchase, through a direct donation, a work I made for the occurrence:
it is called “Vita” (“Life” ndt) , it is a small fusion in aluminum made with ‘lost wax’ technique. Every jewel is made and finished by hand, they are all unique pieces that are slightly different from each other in shape and size.


To receive your “Vita” jewel, please send your donation receipt to my email address  enclosing your shipping address.
Check here (,) for payment options.


Donations for “Vita” jewels are from €80,00 up.

Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo A.I.C.I ONLUS 

Via Olmetto, 5
20123 Milano
t. +39 02 89096244
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