The name MOG  comes from her first approach to marble sculpting, when  the difficulty of signing with the whole name, Morgana Orsetta Ghini became evident.


Her studies, at Artistic High School first and at Carrara’s Fine Arts’ Academy  -crowned with a Cum Laude degree- then; her one-year apprenticeship in the fusion of bronze and iron in Tenerife and the early presence within collectives and performances,  immediately gave a strong identity to Morgana’s production.
The consistency of the creative approach appears immediately characterized by a rigor both conceptual and formal: at the center of her message, MOG places the feminine essence, understood as life and the fulcrum of the continuity of our species.


This concept is depicted through a refined and discreet use of the vulva’s forms, which become distinct trait of the whole series of her works.


Thus the vulva becomes, from time to time, an installation that denounces the drama of infibulation, but also a symbol of the continuity of human existence, a sign of proud equality, denunciation of violations as well as a pleasant symbol of overcoming cultural inhibitions in the form of precious jewelry that enriches and decorates the body.


The breadth of the themes dealt with, in its most diversified forms, declines the vagina in ways that are always different, even if clearly recognizable. This substantially abstract language  does not alter the chosen shape -even when the materials change- whether in sculptures, installations or jewelry. Morgana withstands  with media that ranges from marble to iron, from silver to gold and bronze, to resins, watercolors, and embroidery.

Her jewels, started with the first collection in 2004, are interpreted as small “travel sculptures” to wear for one’s own intimate gratification and for the pleasant and polite message they enclose.


“Owning, collecting and using travel sculptures is a matter of recognizable  sophistication ” -says MOG- “their purpose is actually that of carrying around objects of art  that can communicate with people in a way that is so full of dense meanings: a travel sculpture to wear may enhance even the simplest of outfits, going therefore beyond the usual jewel”.


In 1866 Gustave Courbet with his famous painting “The origin of the world”, intended to remember where it all started from. Today, after 150 years, every woman is aware of being the bearer of this message as she knows that every taboo is the offspring of a culture crumbling under the weight of the lack of certainties.
Morgana Orsetta Ghini through her art, gives a clear sample of this concept.