EDEN “lemon peplum” – September 2021

Eden is the name of the monumental artwork that I created at Palazzo Miccichè’s Human Forest  in the heart of the Farm Cultural Park of Favara, a project in which nature and symbols celebrate the renewed continuity of life.

The meeting with Lanificio Leo inspired the creation of a wearable “peplum” or plaid, in a limited and signed edition of 25 pieces for each color, a synthesis between nature and artifice, art and manufacturing of heritage, vision and gift.

Eden emphasizes the message contained in the impressive artwork that inspired it. Wearing it means owning a precious part of it, and buying it contributes to financing the forest that grows inside Palazzo Miccichè.

In fact, a new plant will be added to the forest for each piece purchased.


Each “peplum” is produced on-demand.


To buy your Eden:

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